Day Tour To Luxor From Hurghada by Road

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Embark on a captivating tour from Hurghada to Luxor for an immersive day tour through the treasures of ancient Egypt. This excursion promises an enriching experience filled with history, culture, and breathtaking monuments. 


Your tour begins with a comfortable road trip from Hurghada, tracing the path of the Nile River towards Luxor, the renowned "world's first historical city." Luxor, often referred to as Thebes in ancient times, holds within its boundaries an impressive collection of ancient Egyptian relics and structures.


The highlight of your day tour is the legendary Valley of the Kings, where pharaohs of the New Kingdom were entombed in grand, rock-hewn chambers. Step into the heart of this archaeological marvel and explore the intricately decorated tombs that once housed the likes of Tutankhamun and Ramses II.


Continue your trip to the sprawling Karnak Temple Complex, an awe-inspiring testament to the power and grandeur of ancient Egyptian architecture. Wander through colossal pylons, towering columns adorned with hieroglyphs, and sacred precincts dedicated to various deities.


Next, delve into the mysteries of the Luxor Temple, a site that has witnessed over three millennia of history. Marvel at the colossal statues of Ramses II guarding the entrance and admire the intricate carvings that depict scenes from ancient Egyptian mythology.


Throughout your tour, knowledgeable guides will regale you with stories and insights into the significance of each site, transporting you back in time to the era of pharaohs and gods. Take in the majesty of Luxor's open-air museum, where every monument and relic whispers tales of a glorious past.


After a day filled with exploration and wonder, relax on your return trip to Hurghada, reflecting on the profound impact of ancient Egypt's legacy. A day tour to Luxor from Hurghada is not just a visit to historical sites but an immersion into the very essence of a civilization that continues to captivate the world.


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•    Tour to Karnak, Valley of the Kings & Hatshepsut Temple.
•    Shopping through famous Bazaars.
•    Service of professional tour guide.
•    Entrance fees to the sights.
•    Lunch at quality restaurant.
•    Bottled water and soft drink.
•    Pick up service from hotel and return.
•    Assistance of our personal during tours.
•    All transfers by air-conditioned mini-bus.
•    All services charges and taxes included.


•    Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary
•    Tipping Kitty

From $ 129


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