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Introduction to Colored Canyon


Nestled within the Sinai Peninsula, Colored Canyon stretches over 800 meters in length and soars up to 40 meters in height. Comprised of sandstone and limestone sculpted over millions of years by the elements, what truly sets this canyon apart is its vivid rock hues—a striking palette of reds, oranges, yellows, and purples, each imbued with distinct mineral compositions.


The Origins of Colored Canyon


Dating back to the Miocene era, over 15 million years ago, this geological marvel was born beneath the Tethys Sea, which deposited layers of sedimentary rocks. Subsequent tectonic activity and erosion sculpted these rocks into the awe-inspiring canyon we witness today, each layer revealing a tale of its mineral history.


Unveiling the Unique Colors


The vibrant spectrum of Colored Canyon owes its brilliance to a symphony of minerals: iron oxide paints the canyon in red and orange, while magnesium oxide and copper sulfate lend shades of yellow and green. Manganese oxide adds delicate strokes of purple. Witness these colors at their most vivid during sunrise and sunset, when the canyon is bathed in a magical light.


Exploring Colored Canyon - Tips and Recommendations


Embark on a memorable adventure with these essential tips:

- Opt for sturdy, comfortable footwear and carry ample water, as facilities are scarce.

- Engage a local guide for enriching insights into the canyon's history and geology.

- Begin your hike early or late to avoid the midday heat.

- Embrace the scenery and capture its essence through your lens.


Capturing the Beauty of Colored Canyon - Photography Tips


For photography enthusiasts:

- Enhance colors and reduce glare with a polarizing filter.

- Leverage soft morning or evening light for vivid hues.

- Seek out captivating compositions and perspectives.

- Experiment with angles to unveil the canyon's grandeur.


Getting to Colored Canyon - Transportation


Colored Canyon is conveniently located near Nuweiba on the eastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula. Arrange private transport from your hotel or take a public bus from Cairo or Sharm El Sheikh to Nuweiba, then proceed by taxi or local bus.


Nearby Attractions


Extend your journey to nearby wonders:

- Mount Sinai, steeped in biblical history.

Moses Mountain

- St. Catherine's Monastery, an ancient sanctuary.

St. Catherine monastery

- Dahab, a Red Sea oasis for diving and relaxation.


Accommodation Options


Choose from diverse lodgings:

- Bedouin Star Camp, for an authentic desert experience.

- RockSea Camp, offers modern amenities amid nature.

- Hilton Nuweiba Coral Resort, a luxurious beachfront retreat.


Best Time to Visit


Optimal seasons are spring and fall for mild weather and vibrant colors. Avoid peak tourist periods for a more intimate experience.




In summary, Colored Canyon is a must-visit destination, offering a visual feast and unparalleled natural beauty. Immerse yourself in its kaleidoscope of colors and let your lens capture the essence of this enchanting Egyptian wonder.


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