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What To Visit Around Amman- Nearby Attractions


Amman, the capital city of Jordan, serves as an excellent base for exploring the rich history, natural beauty, and cultural heritage of the surrounding region. From ancient ruins to stunning landscapes, numerous attractions within a short drive from the city make perfect day trips. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or simply looking to experience more of Jordan, here are some of the top day trips from Amman.


1. Jerash: The Ancient Roman City


Distance from Amman:50 km (31 miles)

Travel Time: 1 hour

Jerash is one of the best-preserved Roman cities outside of Italy, often referred to as the "Pompeii of the East." The ancient city features impressive ruins, including the Oval Plaza, Hadrian’s Arch, and the Temple of Artemis. Visitors can walk along the colonnaded streets, explore the theaters, and imagine life in a bustling Roman city.


·         The Oval Plaza: A unique and well-preserved public square.

·         The South Theater: Offers spectacular views of the entire site.

·         The Temple of Artemis: Dedicated to the goddess of hunting and fertility.

Travel Tip: Arrive early to avoid crowds and bring water, as it can get hot during the day.



2. The Dead Sea: Nature’s Spa

The Dead Sea

Distance from Amman:60 km (37 miles)

Travel Time: 1 hour

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth and a natural wonder known for its high salt content, which allows visitors to float effortlessly on its surface. The mineral-rich mud is believed to have therapeutic properties, making it a popular destination for wellness and relaxation.


·         Floating in the salty waters: An unparalleled experience.

·         Mud baths: Apply the mineral-rich mud to your skin for a rejuvenating treatment.

·         Dead Sea resorts: Many offer day passes for access to their facilities, including pools and private beach areas.

Travel Tip: Bring flip-flops or water shoes to protect your feet from the sharp salt crystals on the shore.

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3. Madaba and Mount Nebo: Biblical Landmarks


Distance from Amman:30 km (19 miles)

Travel Time: 45 minutes

Madaba is famous for its Byzantine-era mosaics, especially the mosaic map of the Holy Land found in the St. George Church. Nearby Mount Nebo is a significant biblical site where Moses is said to have viewed the Promised Land before his death.


·         St. George Church: Home to the 6th-century mosaic map.

·         Mount Nebo: Offers panoramic views of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea.

·         Madaba Archaeological Park: Features more stunning mosaics and ruins.

Travel Tip: Combine a visit to Madaba with Mount Nebo for a full day of historical exploration.


4. Ajloun Castle: A Crusader Fortress

Ajloun Castle

Distance from Amman:75 km (47 miles)

Travel Time: 1.5 hours

Ajloun Castle, also known as Qal'at Ar-Rabad, is a 12th-century Muslim castle built to protect the region from Crusader invasions. The castle provides a fascinating glimpse into medieval military architecture and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.


·         Exploring the castle: Wander through its chambers, towers, and dungeons.

·         Views from the top: Panoramic vistas of the Jordan Valley and northern Jordan.

·         Ajloun Nature Reserve: Nearby, perfect for hiking and wildlife spotting.

Travel Tip: Wear comfortable shoes, as the terrain can be uneven.


5. The Baptism Site of Jesus Christ (Bethany Beyond the Jordan)

Distance from Amman:50 km (31 miles)

Travel Time: 1 hour

This UNESCO World Heritage site is believed to be the location where John the Baptist baptized Jesus. It’s a place of great religious significance for Christians and offers a serene and reflective atmosphere.


·         The Baptism Pools: Thought to be the exact spot of the baptism.

·         Byzantine and Roman ruins: Including churches and monasteries.

·         River Jordan: The traditional boundary between Israel and Jordan.

Travel Tip: Guided tours are available and recommended to fully appreciate the historical and religious significance of the site.


6. Ma'in Hot Springs: Relaxation and Wellness

Distance from Amman:58 km (36 miles)

Travel Time: 1 hour

The Ma'in Hot Springs, located in a stunning valley near the Dead Sea, are famous for their therapeutic properties. The warm mineral waters are ideal for relaxation and are believed to offer numerous health benefits.


·         Hot springs: Enjoy a soak in the natural thermal pools.

·         Spa facilities: Many resorts offer spa treatments using spring water.

·         Scenic surroundings: The area is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and rugged landscapes.

Travel Tip: Visit during the week to avoid the weekend crowds and have a more tranquil experience.


7. Petra: The Rose City


Distance from Amman: 240 km (149 miles)

Travel Time: 3 hours

Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, is an iconic archaeological site in Jordan's southwestern desert. Known as the Rose City due to the color of the stone from which it is carved, Petra was the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom and is famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system.


  • The Treasury (Al-Khazneh): The most famous monument, featured in several movies.
  • The Monastery (Ad-Deir): A monumental building with stunning views.
  • The Siq: A narrow gorge that serves as the entrance to Petra.
  • Royal Tombs: Impressive rock-cut tombs that showcase the Nabatean architectural style.

Travel Tip: Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a hat and sunscreen. The site is large, and you'll be doing a lot of walking.

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8. Amman: The Capital’s Hidden Gems

Amman Citadel

While day trips around Amman offer incredible experiences, explore the treasures within the city itself. Amman is rich with historical sites, vibrant markets, and cultural attractions.


  • Amman Citadel: Home to ancient ruins and the iconic Temple of Hercules.
  • Roman Theater: A well-preserved 2nd-century amphitheater still in use today.
  • Rainbow Street: Known for its cafes, shops, and vibrant nightlife.
  • King Abdullah I Mosque: A stunning example of modern Islamic architecture.

Travel Tip: Explore Amman’s local cuisine. Try traditional dishes like mansaf and kunafah at local eateries for an authentic taste of Jordan.

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Day trips from Amman offer a diverse array of experiences, from exploring ancient ruins and biblical sites to relaxing in natural hot springs and floating in the Dead Sea. Each destination provides a unique glimpse into Jordan’s rich history and natural beauty. By venturing out of the capital, travelers can gain a deeper appreciation for all that Jordan has to offer.

Travel Advice: For a convenient and stress-free experience, consider using a reputable tour company like Egypt For Travel, which offers safe, air-conditioned transportation with Wi-Fi at the most affordable prices. This ensures you can enjoy your day trips in comfort and style, making the most of your time in this remarkable country.

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